"A Frame Away"



I came here to break the language
To leave some modifiers dangling
So if you fly through some lines trying to get a high five
I’ll reply with a sigh then I’ll leave you hanging
Splintered like a fractured racquet
When I crack like Buddy Hackett
But I bored to the core, mowing over floorboards
When I tore through the door and dropkicked my jacket
In the year I made it to twelve
Watching Belvedere and Tracy Wells
If it’s closed I press it open
Know it all like Wesley Owens
In the zone like Simone interrogating a skell

We deflate the day
Generate then hibernate
Assuaged by all the plays we made
It’s a sustained delay
The replay turns to gray
We’re always just a frame away

So this is how I’m lashing back
Highflying, death defying like a scaffold match
Or break out the Russian strap
You had enough of that?
Slide on the dog collar so our neck’s attached
Sit for me till the work is through
6-4-3 like we’re turning two
So poke a frozen rope and hope to go for broke
Scope out my flows like you’re searching for clues
Keep trying for a brainy segue
You’re just recycling in a lame and vague way
But I keep it high brow, see
Genius like Jankowski
Like Jackie Earle Haley ‘cause I’m breaking away

I’m going through this stuff like water
Getting so heavy that you’ll need a spotter
So to brace your back, you better face the facts
Take your place, Horshack I’m coming back like Kotter
I give it up to the city’s persistence
You made it cool to be washing dishes
You got the mod look down
Your band’s got a hot new sound
We’re all so proud of your urban existence
So this is how I waste my time:
Counting all the spelling errors that you make online
And you’re making it quite a job, the more you write in your blog
Stop the grammar cops at the drop of a dime