"End the Scene"



If the mist is true, the sky is crystal blue
A fistful of milk thistle, I got nothing to do
Aside from brushing the dew from my brand new shoes
And clutching for the rushing of a place I once knew  
And yeah, it’s you know who, the guy with three TVs
The official initials are listed BTB
I spit game in your face like Roberto Alomar
Hurt you how you are, you’re saying au revoir
Lyrical reservoir trapped inside my brain
That keeps me holding tight and rapping right like cellophane
And it’s a hell of a name: Johnny Wockenfuss
My show’s got more flow than the Aqueducts
So while you’re talking tough and puffing up that chest plate
I’m prepping the Waste for the web’s next update
The synthy sounds as the disc it spins ‘round
I’m bringing the new style like my name was Vin Brown
Living in a town where the rain it rages
Had to take my notebook and laminate the pages
So I don the windbreaker and I hit the pavement
Race the rats then lay back and wonder where the day went

Sight unseen
Find a way
To the end of the page
End the scene
Right away
We’re on top and we’re here to stay

I alter the images, fade the light so I bite down
Dismantle all the grammar till I find the right noun
The blitz of the senses, I’m getting rugged like stonewash
So enter the denim and never mention the faux pas
I’m working for the weekend then I work some more
Moderating Sly Records lurking on the board
I’m taking inventory, each and every aspect
The stacks of tacky rappers that I haven’t deemed wack yet
While you mug eccentric and it’s weak and phony
I got a slugging percentage like I was Steve Balboni
So to be my crony, I gotta jump you in
I’ll make you watch Short Cuts from beginning to end
It’s like a discipline when I grip this pen
So if I’m whispering you better listen in
It’s hush hush, so secretive it’s classified
The blood rush, cease breathing till you’re glassy eyed
And all the passersby, they’re taking cell phone pics
As I build up the lyrics and I blow ‘em to bits
So if my shoulders twitch, it’s just a stress release
It’s the breath that I catch when I’ve said my piece