"Forceful Exposition"



Words come quick, I crow hop and wing it
Perfect like Curt Hennig in a neon singlet
When I bring it, I straight hammer it down
Rattle off the rhymes until they clamor around
It’s that sound My most productive winter yet
‘Cause Kathleen Hanna told me to get off the internet
They call me Wocky Love, hon, check the strategy
Played the bad seed, now the rap league’s mad at me
Had it tied down and I smacked it loose
Until maybe you thought I was the Packard Goose
It’s perspective, but my vision’s blurred
I’ll keep twitching the ignition till the engine purrs
The Grand Poobah, and you’ll take more than a hit
When you’re landing on a tuba in the orchestra pit
The verbs turn, keep churning ‘cause I’m burning hot
So, best clear the Leopard Lodge ‘cause I’ve earned my spots

Make you listen while I recite a letter or two
I’m taking the position that I’m better than you
I play out to get the layabouts back on their feet
I’ll be that phone ringing when you’re fast asleep
So I set the coordinates, where we need to go
We’ll be takin’ care of business like we’re BTO
I’ve been meaning to ask you why you wear those chains
And why that crappy tat looks like varicose veins
I’m not a fashion plate, but I’ll clown your digs
‘Cause eyebrow rings went out with powdered wigs
So hesitate you’re in my wake ‘cause I’m burning dust
My name is Johnny Wockenfuss, I’d like to earn your trust
So while you’re saying you’re a zero, yeah you’re feeling flat
I’ll be playing the hero like I’m William Katt
So are you hearing that? Are we as clear as we can be?
I’m exposing shams like The Amazing Randi

I can see you gawking ‘cause I act so strange
But I feel like Walken when I’m at close range
So if I live to tell the secrets I’ve been told
I’ll put my life on hold until I’m twice as bold
So like ice is cold and when it melts it’s wet
I can change the state of matters like a chemistry set
So put on the safety goggles I’ll be shocking stuff
You wanna check the credentials? It’s Dr. Wockenfuss
So step back from the reaction and prepare to be floored
‘Cause I’m cutting up the rhythms like I carry a sword
Downey comma Sticks if you’re taking attendance
And I’m still trying to figure out where Sherilyn Fenn went
Like to stay on topic but I get sidetracked
Thoughts slipping through my fingers like the mic is cracked
But I put ‘em all together, get ‘em back in line
Polish up the composition, paragraphs that shine

Taking cuts with the donut in the warm-up circle
I’ve been working on my timing till my arms turn purple
So if you’re bearing down to deliver a pitch
I’m ready like Joe Morgan when I quiver and twitch
I take it line by line, my method’s tried and true
Intimidating opposition like I’m Vida Blue
So if I smile at you, it’s just my chosen tactic
Reasserting my views because I’m so didactic
So if you’re seeking the thesis, better check the verse
Seems that all these bits and pieces are non sequiturs
But I roll it out and bind it like a printing press
Small minds define it as simile obsessed
But I can plant the hook and I might jab you too
I got fancy footwork like the Big Ragoo
Put down my pencil, the final draft and it’s accurate
Scope the footnotes, my references are immaculate