"Gambler's Conceit (Spinderella's Big Score)"



Pull up the anchor, we set sail like a galleon
I get down with real people like I’m Byron Allen
There’s a plan, and I’m sticking to it
Words thick as a brick I got more bulk than a Buick
So put your hands down The Q&A is finito
Gonna make my point like I’m draining a free throw
Mr. Johnny Wock I got a beat to rock
And I got you all open like a key in a lock
Can you name an MC who is more deserving?
Gonna put you on ice like George Gervin
Do it piece by piece, like a car I’m parting
Am I getting too mean? Call me Harvey Martin
S-T-I-C-K to the S
We got all the answers ‘cause we made up the test
So yo (place your bets) and start running the clock
And prepare for the payoff ‘cause this one’s a lock

Show me something I still flow for function
The big score awaits so place your bets

Dispense with the pleasantries ‘cause I’m barreling through
Heading to the fifth dimension frenchin’ Marilyn McCoo
The beat hits, and it marks the spot
Causing chaos like a heavy metal parking lot
Convene on the scene my team’s taking no shorts
Running up the score show you up on your home court
Touring through your city you can watch us play
I got a hardcore committee like I’m Awesome Dre’
No need to sleep because I’m living the dream
You keep the beat Talik? (I’m a rhythm machine)
So be suspect, the wild card in the deck
You don’t know what’s next A sweatin’ nervous wreck
So while you’re mopping your brow, I’m surveying events
I’m the lord of the land you should be paying me rent
I’ll be tossing knuckleballs like I’m Charlie Hough
Do you hear me knocking? Yeah, I’m calling your bluff

High performance Yeah, I sound like an ace
Take notes from fIREHOSE ‘cause I’m down with the bass
So save face and just hand me the title
I’m the voice of triumph like I’m Robert Smigel
It’s a money flop, get set as it plays
Make you bunny hop like you were Ceppie Maes
So let’s say you throw a vitrioled tantrum
I’ll still make the putout like I was Tito Landrum
The pit boss told me you and your pals were dumb
So, don’t cross the dealer if you value your thumbs
While you’re low balling, placing bets in Reno
I do damage with a pen like Pesci in Casino
The roulette wheel, deal, then win more
You wanna push it? Good, it’s Spinderella’s big score
No more bets It’s time to let the fate ride
And call me Commando ‘cause you’re looking at snake eyes