"Here's How You Do It"



Embrace the rhyme scheme, hold it close to your heart
I don’t take time preening, I’m verbose from the start
You want a part? Well take a number, buddy
I’ve seen you flubbing lines like a clumsy understudy
At least your girl’s got style I can’t knock how she rocks it
Gold necklace with a pic of Johnny Wock in the locket
On the docket, we got some major plans
I hope you’re not shocked when the belt changes hands
I moved up through the ranks and now my name’s got clout
Made a start with a spark while you were flaming out
Think you know my reputation ‘cause it always precedes me
Ring the bell, we’ll lock it up, you’ll be defeated easy
I got ink on my knuckles from my fountain pen
Slamming heads on turnbuckles, crowds are counting to ten
I’ve got prowess, so never count me out
I got you blowin’ more lines than Tim Raines and Steve Howe
About now, you seem addled and shaken
Shell-shocked from the toll that the battle’s been taking
Gave you a chance to be and MC and you blew it

There’s work to be done (and I’m on the clock)
Poised and I’m ready (on the starting block)
I’m causing blood clots, better call the doc
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)
Got you introspective (like you’re taking stock)
I’m cruising to the finish (like a racing yacht)
Beating the buzzer like a half court shot, yo
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)

I shoot rhymes like a jumper from the top of the key
Have your back to the hardwood ‘cause you’re flopping on D
You wanna see the way I get my shots in?
I’ll microwave you like I’m Vinnie Johnson
So terse the muscle, I contort these lines
Working up your rebuttal but the floor is mine
So as I filibuster on these skills I’m bustin’
The little will you muster and you still got nothing
Blowing up your spot like a Screaming Mimi
You’ll be in no man’s land hanging with DB Sweeney
So check the effects of the letters that jet
Directly out of my neck and hit you dead in the chest
Send you back to the lab when I smash your beaker
Leave you with your head in the trash like the Eeker
Impeccable timing, yeah I studied it well
Have you watching the clock like I was Buddy Revell
So it’s a glove slap, and then we duel at dusk
It’s like a brush back, just to let you know what’s what
Don’t make me get abusive like that guy Ray Pruit

Got extensive knowledge (if we’re talking shop)
Feeling assured (yeah I got my props)
It’s all downhill ‘cause I’m on the top
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)
It’s getting heavy (like a cinder block)
Got you going in circles (like a spinning top)
I hear words in my head and they just won’t stop
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)

Finesse with the method, it’s a delicate touch
No stress under pressure, yeah they tell me I’m clutch
So while I plot my points and put ‘em all on a graph
Your rhymes are so bloated they should call you Falstaff
So grab your goblet and throw back some mead
Raps so full of sap it’s like you tapped a tree
And as for me? I guess my ways are set
Because I still haven’t given up on VHS
The beats are fresh and the raps are flawless
Wanna be somebody like I’m Blackie Lawless
Set it all in motion, instigate the track
Like the Unknown Comic, put your face in a sack
I got a tasty snack, linguistics on a plate
And you got more bad English than John Waite
So let’s contemplate but not move too far
I’ll make you pump up the volume like MARRS with two R’s
So park the car, without a fuss I’m walkin’
We could start to spar but trust I’m not done talkin’
Tried to coop me up-I broke loose and flew it

It’s all wrapped up (I just tied the knot)
Got me grandstandin’ (watch me spike the rock)
Caught me at the apex, I’m the brightest spot
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)
So here’s how you do it (it’s the longest shot)
Stay loose and be fluid (so it’s on the dot)
Swing for the fences like the Sultan of Swat
(Johnny Johnny Wock Johnny Johnny Wock)