"Leave it to the People to Decide (feat. Biff Pocaroba)"



I’m on a warpath like Masskontrol
Walking down to the ring to “Jive Soul Bro”
Volkoff’s on my left, Iron Sheik’s on my right
Interrupt the anthem and we’ll have a fight
So sit tight It’s Sticks Downey and Biff
We’ll call you whosawannastink if we get real miffed
So get this: if you’re fast we’re faster
I’ll crash through your set like the Shockmaster
Just give me a mic and a stage and a beat
And I’ll dance for a quarter like Handsome Pete
You think we’re beat? Listen, this is important
I was laying on the mat playing Ricky Morton
I’m the people’s choice like National Guard
You’re non-existent like the wolfman’s nards
From the golden age like ’84 Topps crads
You’re selling t-shirts that say “Biff Is Rad”  

I’m a wordsmith They’re like tools of the trade
More lines in my head than an old school fade
So like Kid ‘n Play, me and Biff are just 2 hype
We’ll leave you with egg on your face like a food fight
You’ve lost your mind You wanna challenge the siblings?
We’ll be polishing rhymes while you’re standing there scribbling
Here to leave MCs blowing in the breeze
And best believe similes still spread like disease
You wanna test me? Please, you better plan protection
We’ll be breaking up teams like the Can-Am Connection
So select your weapon, be it pencil or pen
We’re gonna leave it to the people ‘cause we’re sensible men
So if you see me start to lag like my strength’s diminished
All it takes is one hot tag and you’re finished
Biff and Johnny We’ve toppled off our rockers
And we’ll be bustin’ heads like a double noggin knocker

100 thousand times one now we’re having some fun
Kinda like Greg Sage ‘cause we’re living on the run
The blinding sun that’ll suck you dry
It’s a piece of cake when Biff’s by my side
On a coattail ride I’ll be swimming in your wake
I’ll be Thunder Bolton like my name was The Steak
So take out your comb I’m thinkin’ ‘bout revenge
We’ll let the people decide how the bout will end
So throw up your hands like a ground rule double
I’ll retire the side like my name was Carl Hubbell
Big trouble So while you’re cutting a promo
I’ll donkey kick you like I’m Sal Bellomo
Play it back in slo-mo as I’m shooting through
Set a land speed record like I’m Husker Du
So who knew? We break words, yeah we’re smashing letters
‘Cause when we’re good we’re good, but when we’re bad we’re better