"Sticks of Butter (feat. The Buttery Lords)"



I try to stay low key I think I’m subtle enough
But if I need to move a crowd, I just butter ‘em up
And make cuts so deep that they might just scar
With some help from the peeps hooked on vitamin R
So if you need to step it up, give a yell or just call us
We’ll be in the Player’s Club, chilling with Telly Savalas
They comped my suite, microphone and a P.A.
Serving up the meat I slug ‘em out like Lee May
Tested by the wack, yeah our foes are hollerin’
So best step back if you’re lactose intolerant
Sure, you got love-‘cause you haven’t scored yet
Then I smack you with the racquet like I’m Jim Cornette
In the great Northwest It’ll be wet tomorrow
But I’m blessing the rain like I was Jeff Porcaro
Make you move to this like Cathy Dennis
Four MCs individually wrapped for freshness

Sticks Downey
Wockenfuss-making beats with Talik and we got it covered
Dr Marble, Baybee Powder Fresh, and the Reverend Hubbard
Sticks Downey
Keeping Portland fresh and yes, we get down for one another
So don’t forget-we got it all wrapped up like sticks of butter

We’ve known Wockenfuss since the cretaceous era
And his rhymes are even nicer than Michael Cera
That’s why we’ve been down longer than a submarine
‘Cause we go together like drugs and teens
Are we better than you? Demonstrably
Don’t make me shit in your hat like Johnny V
Buttery Lords and Sticks Downey making their mark
Dangerous like a werewolf riding a shark
Leaping from the swimming pool describing an ark
Who the hell let those guys into the water park?
Once again, we’ve assembled this Megaforce
Stomping all the competition like a brontosaurus
So you better give us our accolades
Or it’ll be like you yelled out “Hey Kool-Aid!”
When we bust down your wall like Big Jim Slade
And the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln

(Dr Marble)
I’m puttin’ sticks together in a bundle
I’m hidin’ under your bed like a trundle
Wake me up at night when you grumble?
Kick your bottom and out the bed you tumble
You’re like Goldilocks and we’re the B-bears
Eatin’ four food groups and three squares
With two sticks of butter, one in a rubber
And I rub it all into your p-hairs
Now you take one stick-you break it
And you take another stick-you break it
But unity is strength so stake it
Kill the vampire (don’t wake it)
We knock it out the park when we jam it
Don’t just say “fuck it” say “dental damnit”
Now you say I rhyme worse than Lanny Poffo?
Man, that shit was cold like Hoth, yo

(BP Fresh)
Keeping P-Town fresh, that’s for certain
Dropping shit hard like an iron curtain
I’ll make a mash-up of HBO shows-watch me
Take away your puffy with a Benadryl brownie
First we score from the sherpa then take the entourage to the circus
Oops-I just farted (Nah, he did it on purpose)
Spend the night with me girl, I promise
You’re gonna wake up with more than breakfast
I may date a vegan
Maybe a pagan
But I’m never going to Burning Man
And never jumping off the stage again
I may steal my flow from DMX again and say
“You’re just like your actor friend, Marty Flynn”
‘Cause NEW DQT keep it thuggidy
Me and Johnny Johnny Wock rolling deep with CD Baby